about me



My name is Josae, I am in highschool and I have a passion for the outdoors and creating healthy food. A lot of people love both of these passions, but I want to spread and share my view and creativity  to inspire anyone and everyone.

The Story

My freshman year of high school I began to have stomach problems. Bloating, cramping, and many other awful gastrointestinal issues. This continued for at least 2 months before I went to see a doctor. I was told to go on the low-FODMAP diet. Nothing was well explained about my condition and all I knew was I need to go on a very restrictive diet and take anti-acids once a day, no options or diagnoses were given to me.

So there I was for 7 weeks doing the low-FODMAP diet incorrectly. I was surviving on bland gluten free bread and carrots. Eventually we stopped the diet. The diet had dramatically reduced many symptoms but I still had no clue what to do next.

A few months of me eating a random diet that wasn’t doing much good I saw a different doctor. She explained everything and guided me through the low-FODMAP diet. Also, the doctor was certain my pain was from IBS. I found the diet was just meant to discover what foods bother you so you knew to avoid those. I followed the stepping stone like plan. Eventually I began to feel much better and get a grip on my diagnosed IBS.

During this time I realized my food doesn’t have to be bland and the importance of whole and clean nutrition, this started my creativity in creating recipes. I have slowly adapted to a new diet that allows me to dramatically reduce my IBS pain.

After about a year of trail and error I began to actually know what to use basil in and how to substitute butter for pumpkin (one of my favorite subs). Then i decided to share my passions to everyone and anyone interested.

Enjoy 🙂