Quick and Easy Healthy streusel

I have never been able to find a healthy recipe for the magical and comforting flavor of streusel. But then there was a day I decided my sauteed apples would be much better with some streusel.

Normal streusel contains lots of butter (which is fine! However it does add calories and dairy), Brown sugar (which is the same as white sugar, NOT any healthier!), and a little flour as base ingredients.

However this is a healthy and delicious stresuel!

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Clean Lemon Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting


I love lavender, it is one of my favorite smells, flavors, and flowers. My grandma inspired this love of lavender. Also Its summer so lemon finds a way into almost every food. I wasn’t sure of this flavor combo that I first thought to make for mothers day. I made a cake through this recipe. I fell immediately in love with this flavor and the daintiness it created in the cake.

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