sauteed and spiced apple slices

Hello apple lovers!

There is no better way to start you’re morning than the smell of warming spices wafting through the fresh air. You wake up (maybe still in pajamas or hurriedly getting ready for you’re day) and all you want is a warm fresh breakfast. With no time for pancakes, muffins, or crazy toast but still caving a “comfy” breakfast it’s time to reach for my sauteed spiced apples!

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Quick and Easy Healthy streusel

I have never been able to find a healthy recipe for the magical and comforting flavor of streusel. But then there was a day I decided my sauteed apples would be much better with some streusel.

Normal streusel contains lots of butter (which is fine! However it does add calories and dairy), Brown sugar (which is the same as white sugar, NOT any healthier!), and a little flour as base ingredients.

However this is a healthy and delicious stresuel!

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